We combine top engineering talent with best practices to help businesses grow


Our Mission

Our mission is to help humanity evolve using technology. We believe that humans evolve by innovating and creating tools. Technology is a part of our every day life and we help tech companies to make a world a better place.

What makes us Different

Down to a science

Over multiple decades of writing software, we developed a system that makes us very efficient. We follow the best agile practices. We build things to last by using Test Driven Development.

TOP Talent

We have the top engineering talent in house. Our senior developers come with 5+ years of industry experience experience, Master or Bachelor in Computer Science and a proven track record.


We specialize in building mobile products. We do one thing and we do it well.

Our Founder

Alex Tamoykin

Founder, CTO

The Right Balance was founded by Alex Tamoykin, an award winning software engineer and a hands on technical leader with a decade of industry experience. Alex started programming in the 5th grade of elementary school. He helped many businesses like ZestFinance and AwesomenessTV (acquired by DreamWorks) to create and scale their engineering teams. Alex is a successful teacher, speaker and an organizer of tech meet-ups in Los Angeles.